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An announcement is revolutionizing the world of colors: Ferro Pigments Family is Growing. Nubiola, Ferro & now Cappelle have joined forces.
Now their staunchest ally, Ferro Pigments, is stronger than ever, and colors are proudly telling the world how Ferro has strengthened its leadership in the market.

Now colors are talking about new horizons. With a united team that shares their passions and their dreams.

What is Ferro Pigments?


Ferro Corporation is a leading global functional coatings and color solutions company that supplies technology-based performance materials, including glass-based coatings, pigments and colors, and polishing materials. Ferro Pigments is its business unit specializing in formulating and manufacturing Pigments to provide color solutions for the plastics, paint, construction, and cosmetics industries, as well as other industrial markets.


Why should you trust Ferro Pigments?


Listen to the real experts, colors, and they’ll tell you about their needs and requirements. They know that you can only achieve spectacular results with great pigments, and that’s why Ferro is their closest ally.

Our values:
Results and Innovation.

Colors are naturally ambitious, and when it comes to results, they demand perfection. They know better than anyone that a good pigment is the result of knowledge, hard work, and continuous dedication. That’s why they trust Ferro pigments when it comes to achieving excellence.


Colors are demanding. But in addition to beauty, they also long to be effective. To guarantee them the results they’re looking for, Ferro is committed to R&D and works every day to give them unique characteristics.


Listen to the experts, colors, and give them the pigments they need to be even better.